Scheduled 3CX Group Report to PDF and e-Mail

3CX Group Report to PDF

We are pleased to introduce the new feature of scheduling a 3CX Group Report to be generated in PDF format and automatically sent via email. This enhancement allows you to access vital data directly from your 3CX Server, providing a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance.

The Group Report is a concise and informative document that includes the following key metrics for each agent:

  1. Extension: The unique identifier for each agent in your group.
  2. FullName: The full name of the agent for easy identification.
  3. Inbound Answered + Inbound Lost: The number of inbound calls answered successfully and those that were lost.
  4. Outbound Answered + Outbound Lost: The count of outbound calls answered and those lost.
  5. Internal Answered + Internal Lost: The tally of internal calls answered and those lost.
  6. Total Answered + Total Lost: The total number of calls answered and those lost across all call types.
  7. Answered Percentage and Lost Percentage: The percentage of calls answered and lost in relation to total calls.
  8. Total Talk Time and Average Talk Time: The total duration of talk time and the average duration for each agent.

Not only does the report provide individual agent totals, but it also presents an overall total for the entire selected group. This enables you to analyze your team’s collective performance effectively.

The PDF generated for the Group Report is professionally designed, ensuring readability and clarity. You can quickly share this document with stakeholders, managers, or team members for in-depth analysis and performance reviews.

To make the process even more convenient, you can schedule the report to be generated at specific intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Once generated, the PDF report will be automatically sent to the designated email addresses, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with your team’s performance effortlessly.

With the Scheduled 3CX Group Report to PDF and e-Mail feature, you can gain valuable insights into your team’s call activities and make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. Say goodbye to manual report generation and embrace this automated solution for a more efficient and data-centric approach to managing your 3CX call center.

How to set up an Group Report to be sent by e-mail.

You find the Scheduled Tasks from the menu: Reports -> Task. Here you will see our menu headlines, CSV GENERATION, and PDF GENERATION, please click on the PDF GENERATION

This guideline will work you through the PDF Generation for an Group Report step by step.

If you are looking for Scheduled CSV Reports please have a look here 

To continue to setup your Group PDF Reports, please click on the menu PDF GENERATION

Click on the Create Button

-and select the Group Report template from the PDF Report templates in the list.

Click OK, and we are ready to set up the Group Report

1.) Click and select the Group you want in this report (Only one Group possible at a time) (1)

2.) Include in the report, Call types and weekdays (2).

Select the specific settings for your Report selection, eg. only lost Inbound Calls, or as in the selection below, all calls and all days.:

3.) You can use our Exclude settings, (3).

Use exclusions, if you don’t want to report calls shorter than xx seconds.

Group Report Picture showing Exclude option, we can exclude dropped calls shorter than eg. 20 seconds

4.) Name and schedule the CSV report, (4)

File settings for a PDF Group Report

4a.) Name the report

4b.) Select the Interval for this Report generation:

You can select between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports

4c.) Select the Range of this report,

If you selected Daily In the above Interval, you can now select Today or Yesterday

If you selected Weekly, you now have to select a day for this Report generation

If you selected Monthly you will have to select First or Last Day of the Month for this report generation

4d.) Now set the Time for your Report Generation

4e.) Select the Date format,

Select 24 Hours, or AM/PM Time / Date format.

4f.) Select your timezone

This can be handy if the server is split between different Countries and this report is to be used at a specific timezone. Eg. the Server is placed in Norway, but the user that needs the report is placed in the US, here you can select a US TimeZone, and the report will use the US local timezone for the creation of this Report.

4g.) Select the orientation of this report

4h.) Select the e-Mail that shall receive this report 

You can add one or several e-mails for this report (For several, please divide by a comma) We look out for if the email address looks correct and give it a Green Checkmark if it does.

5.) In the top you will find the help button, that leads you to this help page

JEDWare Standard Help Button

6.) At last, remember to click the Create Button

JEDWare Standard Create Button

If you are changing an existing report, this Button will change to “Update”

JEDWare Standard Create Button

Your automatic PDF generation is now scheduled to run and will send the report to you, it will arrive as soon as it has been created according to the schedule.

7.) Overview of your Scheduled Reports

In the Tasks, you will find your Scheduled Reports. From here you can Enable / Disable the Schedule, you can edit the Scheduled Report, you can Delete your Schedules Report, and you are able to Run the report “right now”, to check out if your report settings are as expected.

8. Happy Reporting:-) 

Picture of an received email in outlook, from JEDWare, containing the report in PDF Format.

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