Advanced 3CX Reports and live Queue based Wallboards

YES, we do also support 3CX v20😉

JEDWare is an Official 3CX third-party application.

We let you convert your 3CX raw data into beautiful, and yet useful Reports, and we let you select, and set up your favorite Live Queue-based Wallboards, quickly and easily!

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Who is JEDWare?

JEDWare is our development team at JED It- & Teleservice ApS – an old and well-known 3CX Partner since 2009. Our Development team is located at our headquarters in Odense located on the island Fyn, in the middle of Denmark. We are working each day to improve JEDWare, and to make new functionalities, for the JEDWare system itself, or as a special optional assignment from a customer in special need. Our development team strives to give you the absolute best 3CX Add-on for Wallboards and Reporting.

Based on our 3CX Customers’ requirements we started to develop our first wallboard (layout 2) back in 2017, since then we have raised to 9 different layouts, from a single Queue Wallboard to our latest very complex Inbound Call-Center Wallboard Layout 8 where we support multiple Queues and the agents handling these queues, and our Single QueueCallBack Wallboard Layout 9. Today we have JEDWare partners and customers all around the world, that benefit from JEDWare day by day.

Your 3CX Phone System just got more powerful.

Use all the features directly from your browser, all placed in one fancy web app. See all our features here

Reports & Charts

Enhance your call data overview for individual agents and queues to gain better insights.

Live Wallboard

Real-time tracking of  queues and agents. Multiple customizable layouts. Create as many as you want.

Caller ID

Change outgoing CallerID for one or multiple extensions directly in the web APP


You can record new prompts or change an existing prompt, directly in the web APP

Queue Watcher

Make an agent automaticlly sign in and out of queues, and avoid losing important calls.

You already have the data. Reach your potential by using it too.

Single App For Everything.

Control, watch, and modify your 3CX system from anywhere. Everything in one single web app.

Fast And Easy Setup

No extra hardware is needed. We get your information through a secure connection to our integration on your 3CX server.


JEDWare supports both Linux and Windows 3CX installations. Updates are free and are done with just one click in the web app.

JEDWare are trusted by 3CX Partners all over the world

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