Report statistics and beautiful charts for your 3CX Phone System

See the flow of every call that went through your 3CX system.

Call flow for every call

See the flow of all calls that went through your 3CX system.

With JEDWare Reports, you can see the call flow of any call from your system. Every call has a time indicator for time spent in specific queues and also shows where the calls were first answered. This way you can see where a customer was waiting or what their experience was like.

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Specific Reports for extensions

See specific statistics for individual or multiple agents, queues, and groups. You can also search by free text.

With JEDWare Reports, you can generate statistics for the queues, IVRs, and extensions you want. Pick multiple extensions or queues and start comparing your statistics. All data gets generated on our server, so there is no pressure on your 3CX server.

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Answer statistics for queues
You can see which extensions picked up your queue calls. We show statistics for the number of calls each extension in the queue/IVR call flow has picked up.
Statistics in different intervals
JEDWare Reports gives you search statistics in multiple time intervals. Sort your calls in 15, 30, or 60 min intervals. Besides that, you can search for multiple days as well. All of this will be reflected in a graph and displayed for you to see what time you had the most calls!
Search by free text
You can also search by free text. For example, you can search for a specific number, to see the exact flow the caller went through. Just go in and search for the number, find the desired call and click on it to see the full call flow. You can also search for names. Yes, it is that simple!
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