Make an extension to be your Queue Watcher

Make an agent your Queue Watcher and avoid losing calls.

Queue Watcher

Set an agent as a backup, in case all agents are logged out or are busy.

You can easily mark an extension as a Queue Watcher. This means that the extension will automatically be signed into the queue if no one else is. The extension will automatically be signed out if anyone else is available in the queue.

Do you loose calls when the agents are logged out?

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How does JEDWare work?

Secure 3CX Integration.

Our integration communicates with your 3CX server, executes commands, and securely broadcasts info to our API Cluster.

JEDWare API Server Cluster

We modify the raw data from 3CX and make it understandable. This removes calculations and heavy work from your 3CX server. We take care of that.

JEDWare Web Application

Login to generate, see, and analyze your data. Check your Live Wallboards or generate reports directly from the web app.

Technical Advantages


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