Change and create prompts

Change an existing or create a new ad-hoc prompt from within JEDWare

In JEDWare Prompts you have access to all the queues and IVRs in your 3CX phone system, along with the prompts used for each of these.

Note: The settings for Prompts are synchronized from your 3CX Server every 5 hours.

Record or change your 3CX Prompts, without the need for access to your 3CX Server

You can record a new prompt or change to an existing prerecorded prompt you have in your 3CX System.

Record a new Prompt

You can record a brand new prompt for your queues and IVRs directly in the JEDWare web app. Simply choose what extension to change the prompt on and you will automatically receive a call, where you can record your new prompt. When the call has ended, we automatically add the prompt to your desired queue/IVR.

Remember to click the Record Button when you are ready, and the extension selected will be called by the 3CX System, as normal when you are creating Prompts from within the 3CX System.

Change to another existing Prompt

You can change the prompt of any queue/IVR at any time. Pick between all the prompts on your 3CX system, simply by selecting the prompt in the dropdown menu. 

Remember to click the Update Button.

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