JEDWare Change Log

The mentioned Build History / Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions, and fixes may not be listed. JEDWare is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release.

Please NOTE: Before you upgrade your 3CX Server to Version 18 Update 8 final or to 3CX V20.

Please always keep your JEDWare integration to the latest version before you attempt to upgrade your 3CX Server.

Before you update your 3CX Server to v 18 Update 8, please update your integration to at least This version include needed .NET6 support.

Before you update your 3CX to version 20, please make sure your JEDWare Integration is at or newer as this includes needed .NET7 support for v20 – this version also works for 3CX v18.x.

Click on the red bell in the top menu and follow the instruction to update your JEDWare Integration.

Make sure your JEDWare Integration status is Green and shows Running.

After your 3CX update, your JEDWare integration will probably be shown as; Integration status: No connection could be made

You can solve this by restarting your 3CX Server.

If you cant get your Integration connected, please  have a look here for troubleshooting.