Predefined Caller ID list for your 3CX

Please go to Caller ID Settings. You find it by click on Caller ID → Settings

Here you can create a predefined Caller ID list. Here you are able to save a contact, to make it work like a shortcut for your Caller ID list. 

To make a list of Caller ID´s

Please type in a name of your extension. The name is not shown anywhere but is for you to help remember the Caller ID that is connected with the name. For example, the name could be the name of a department or a campaign, that you want to add multiple agents to. 

When you have filled out the name, please fill out the Caller ID too. Click Save when done. 

Underneath you have a table containing your saved Caller IDs and names. You can remove a saved Caller ID from the list, by clicking on the red button on the right side of the table row.

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