Change Caller ID

How to change Caller ID from within JEDware

For Outbound Call-Centers, it is very handy that for instance a Teamleader can change an Agents Caller ID right away when the agent moves to a new project or needs to go back to follow up on an existing project.

With JEDWare´s Caller-ID, you can assign a group of people, with the right to change the Caller ID for the Agents, instead of giving the rights to enter the 3CX Management Console. JEDWare will update the Users Outbound Caller ID Instantly when changed in the Caller ID Menu.

Please make sure that you have access to use the Caller ID feature in User roles

So in short, with in JEDWare´s Caller ID, you will be able to change the phone number shown to the receiver when you users are making outbound calls.

Here is how to change the Caller ID for a user

First, please type in an extension that you want to change the Caller ID on. At the moment, it is only possible to add one by one, but we are working on further updates to the Caller ID feature.

When you have selected your extension, you have 4 options on how to select your Caller ID. 

  1. Choose from list
    • Here you can choose predefined contacts that you have saved. Simply click on the list to choose the Caller ID. This can be found in Caller ID → Settings. You can find a guide here: Predefined Caller ID list
  2. Type number manually
    • Type in a number manually in the text field. The number you are typing will be the one shown for the receiver of the call.
  3. Defined in 3CX
    • If you choose defined in 3CX, it will be set as blank. This means it will take the Caller ID that has been defined in your 3CX Management Console. 
  4. Make Caller ID anonymous
    • Lastly, you have the option to make the Caller ID anonymous. This feature might not work on all providers. 

When you have chosen extension and Caller ID, please click save. Your changes have already been made. If you want to test it before calling out, you can see the changes in your 3CX Management Console. 


In the Caller ID log, you will find a log on all the Caller ID Changes that have been made from your JEDWare APP.

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