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April 2023

  • Scheduled Reports, 
  • Agent Performance on Queues, 
  • Updates to Wallboard 2 and Wallboard 8, 
  • Queue CAllBack Reports
  • JEDView
Lots of news for this latest release, 
Besides the backend work, we also want to make your experience with JEDWare even better and we would therefore love to hear your feedback (good as bad) at [email protected]

Scheduled Reporets

We have added Scheduled reports, and you can now schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports as CSV and PDF Files, to be delivered by e-mail (and for CSV we also offer upload to a file share). You can even decide the timezone for the output of the report data (if you use your 3CX across several Timezones).

Wallboard 2 and 8 overhaul

We have been doing a general overall tuning of the wallboards, with a great performance and stability upgrade.
We have been redoing the Wallboard Layout 2 so you can now select the Inbound / Outbound counter to be placed at the top.
We have completely redesigned the Wallboard Layout 8, for better scalability
– added the ability to sort Wallboard 8 via table headers
– added the option to set Wallboard 8 default queue sorting behavior
– longer phone numbers/queue names will be cut off. A hover effect has been added to show the full text

Queue CallBack Report

We added an option to search for “Queue callbacks” in “Search” by using “QCB” as the keyword.
We added Queue CallBack Reports, in it´s own tab
We changed the layout of the reports

Agent Queue Performance

And we added Agent performance on Queue Search, so you will see Answered, Lost, and Polls (Polls = how many times the Agent has been offered a call, but not picked up the call – Please note, with a Ring All strategy the Polls will count for each available and logged in Agent.

JEDView Update

And Finally, for our partners, we have updated JEDView, to support the latest versions of 3CX.

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