Thank you for choosing JEDWare! We hope our 3CX Add-on will enhances your daily business.

How to get you started with the JEDWare installation:

We are pleased to see you here, as this means you have a real interest in JEDWare and want to get started with JEDWare.

We expect that you have been looking at our webpage, and also discover the key differences between JEDWare and 3CX Reporting here and are ready to proceed with the installation.

As the JEDWare integration has to be installed directly on your 3CX Server, you need to make sure you have the rights to do this installation, as there will be a need for administrative rights to your 3CX Server to be able to install JEDWare. We do support the installation on all 3CX systems EXCEPT on 3CX´s own Hosted platform, as 3CX won’t give you root access to those instances.

If you are hosted by a 3CX Partner, you will have to ask the partner to install JEDWare for you, some might refuse to do so, typically because they are not familiar with JEDWare, but here you can help, and make the partner aware of our fantastic 3CX Add-on.

We always do recommend that you contact your 3CX Partner to achieve the JEDWare license and to do the installation, however, if this isn’t an option for you and you host your own 3CX server in the cloud, in your own data center, or internally, there will be no problems installing JEDWare yourself, as we then expect that you do have the Administrative right to do so. 

So let’s get going

    1. Get your free JEDWare trial Key from here 
    2. Install the JEDWare Integration on your 3CX Server.
      For Debian, follow the instructions here.
      For Windows, follow the instructions here
    3. Note the required IP addresses your 3CX server has to be able to access. Look here
      Congratulations on installing the JEDWare integration!

How to check that the installation is working correctly on your live 3CX Server?

Please verify its successful installation by logging in at, go to “Report -> Daily Overview” for today’s data, to see if data are listed here. If you see today’s data, everything is fine, well done💪

Roles and users

The next step will be to set up Roles and Users that are allowed to log in to your JEDWare, please have a look here


Hereafter we do recommend, that you create one of each Wallboard Layouts, to make yourself aware of the Wallboard possibilities in these, please have a look here for the different wallboard layouts.

If you are facing Wallboard issues these are easily resolved by restarting the integration on your 3CX Server:

  • For Windows, locate JEDWare Integration Service task, stop it, wait 15 sec, and click start.
  • For Linux, SSH to the server, log in as root, and execute:
sudo systemctl stop JEDWare
sudo systemctl start JEDWare


Then it might be time to play with reports, where we have the Daily Report as described earlier, and we have the Advanced Search, where you easily can make advanced searches for Agents, Agent Status*, Queue/IVR, and Queue CallBAck searches, you can search for your 3CX Groups, We have a free Search, and finally, we have the FROM/TO Search, please find our documentation for the actual reporting functionalities here  

Scheduled Reports

Finally, we have the Scheduled Reports, where you can schedule Reports in CSV Format, to either be uploaded to a file share of your choice or to be sent to one or several e-mail recipients. You will also find the possibility to generate the Scheduled reports in PDF format, to be sent to one or several e-mails

Please NOTE

While we aim for accuracy, we rely on 3CX data and API to pull information, and API changes may impact functionalities.

JEDWare tools are developed with utmost dedication, though without warranty. We cannot be held responsible for miscalculations, server performance, or functionality issues. Remember, 3CX doesn’t support third-party applications. If facing 3CX server problems, consult this guide before contacting 3CX Support.

Explore our extensive documentation at for detailed insights.

For any queries or problems, refer to our FAQ and Documentation, or reach out to us directly via the contact info below. We’re here to assist you!