Which IP´s and ports are JEDWare using?

The JEDWare Integration is reusing the 3CX´s Nginx configuration.

This means, 

-if your 3CX is running on HTTPS port 443, the JEDWare integration will be using the same port 443


– if you are using HTTPS port 5001, the JEDWare integration will be using port 5001

To allow traffic for JEDWare, please go to your 3CX Dashboard → Security → Console Restrictions.

Please allow traffic from the following Public IP addresses.: 

FQDN IP  Description
app.jed-ware.com and api.jed-ware.com and  (Belgium) Used to pull traffic from the JEDWare integration
jed-ware.com* and* (Denmark) This IP is used by JEDWare support

* Will make it easier for the JEDWare support to determine faults on your end.

77.243.47.xx is only needed in cases where you want JEDWare support and development to be able to help you.


Here is how you are adding our IP´s to your 3CX Console Restrictions.

Be sure that you allow access as seen below in your 3CX Dashboard → Security → Console Restrictions.:


3CX Console Restrictions, how to add JEDWare IP Adresses


IMPORTANT! Remember to test with a Ping to the above IP Addresses directly from your 3CX Server, the Ping has to receive an answer, from all the IP Addresses, if you receive a timeout, you have to check your internet-facing firewall and allow traffic to and from the above IP Addresses.

Please also make sure that you don’t GEO Block on your Firewall, or at least that you open for Denmark (JED Support) and Belgium (Cloud solution)

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