JEDWare Support Procedure

Support procedure.

If the issue occurred after installing a new system, please have a look at our FAQ.

For questions in regard to how JEDWare works, please run through our Documentation pages.

Problems occurred after you have been running JEDWare for a while, follow the below guideline.

  • If you are JEDWare partner, please check if you can replicate the issue on your own installation.
  • Is the Integration up to date or does it need an update?
  • Check our documentation and FAQ, for known issues.

If the above didn’t answer the question please open a ticket with our JEDWare Support team at: [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: The ticket always needs to contain:

  • Name of customer
  • Company ID of the customer
  • JEDWare Integration version.
  • A good description of the issue, and whatever you did to resolve the issue.
  • Screen dumps/pictures of the issue:
    • For reporting, add a Screen dump of your accurate selection (all of it – Including the Date and Time selection), and the result, with a description of what is wrong.
    • For Wallboards add the name and the URL for the wallboard and a screen dump of the issue, including a description of what is wrong.
    • If the issue is Queue related, please expect us to need an extension with administrative rights to the Queue so we can test from here.

Please note, we are human, and we live for our product, so please keep a good tone, this will ensure the best support, and admitted, we cannot do everything the way customers believe it should work, but we are really trying to do our best to explain our thoughts throughout our documentation.

Thank you for your understanding

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