Which JEDWare and 3CX licenses do I need?

You need a 3CX Pro or a 3CX Enterprise license and a JEDWare license that’s equivalent to your 3CX license.


If you have a 32 SIM 3CX Pro license.

You will now need to acquire a 32 SIM Call JEDWare License. 

Please note, it is your responsibilities to have the right JEDWare Subscription, and you will have to upgrade the JEDWare license if you change your 3CX License, eg. if you raise your 3CX from 16 SIM Call License to a 24 SIM Calls License, then you have to upgrade your JEDWare license from within your JEDWare user page. We do block the license, if the JEDWare license dosent comply with your 3CX License.


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