Report type: Daily Overview

Daily Overview – In the Daily Overview, you will find a summary of today’s calls. This can either display your calls for the exact moment of today or all calls on a given date. You can toggle between these, by changing the date at the top of the Report screen. 

JEDWare Daily Report provides an overview of your phone system’s calls:

  • Total Calls
  • Total Inbound calls
  • Total Outbound calls
  • Total Internal calls
  • Total Lost/abandonment calls
  • Total Talk time
  • Inbound talk time
  • Outbound talk time
  • Internal talk time
  • Call Abandonment rate in %
  • Calls Answered
  • Avg. Waiting time for inbound calls
  • Avg. Talking time for all calls
  • Avg. Calls per hour
    In the call list – for each call you will see the direction of the call,  the caller, the start and end time, the duration, and the destination. The Call list can be exported as a CSV File. 

Call flow

– by clicking on each call you will see the actual call flow for this specific call

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