Report type: AGENT Search

First, make sure you have selected AGENT in the top menu.

Type in one or more extensions or names for your search. You can also type in ‘All’ to select all extensions available → set from and to date → now select the time interval you want to search for (choose between 15-, 30-, 60 min or per day)

On the Show Advanced Settings, you are able to Deselect eg. Type of calls, Days, or eg. Calls Shorter than XX Seconds. Here you will also be able to select our new functionality, “Use Agent-Specific Data”which we described here

After selecting your teams → click on Search. You will now be presented with a report of the selected agent(s) / extension(s), e.g. Total amount of calls and how many of these are inbound, outbound, and internal. You will also see an overview of the average waiting time, average talk time, number of answered calls, and average calls per day/hour. Scroll a little further down the page and you will find a detailed report of the period.

Click on a time period in the table to see more. Click on a specific call to see the call flow; In-depth information on the call, from start to finish.

Click on the button Call Graph:

At the bottom of the report, you will the call graph. The graph is separated into the same time intervals, as you have chosen in your search. The graph gives you the same type of calls, as you have chosen in your search filters when searching. Additionally, it will also give you the total amount of waiting time for the time interval. The waiting time is shown in seconds.

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