Limits and TIP for our Reports

Limits of Reporting

3CX V18.x limit in Reports is 20.000 Rows (Calls), in the past, this limit was only 10.000 Rows.
In JEDWare we do try to pull as many calls as you want – JEDWare does not have a limit – however, we do rely on your 3CX resources, to be able to pull huge reports, and your PC´s Resources when building the report in your browser, and huge reports can take some time.
When you pull a report, your Browser tell your JEDWare Integration to pull the data for the report from your 3CX, after you have decided what your report should look like, eg you only want calls lasting longer than 10 seconds, and you don’t need to see Saturday and Sunday, or you just want to see the performance during every 60 minutes a day.


If you get a report, telling you there are 0 calls, there has been a timeout while our Integration reads your 3CX Call Data (“3CX Postgre SQL Error: Timeout during reading attempt”). This error has been caused by too few resources on your 3CX Server, please lower your search criteria to eg. 15 days, to see how it goes.
We have been doing some testing.
The test server is a customer 3CX Server V18 SP5, hosted on a Linux (Standard 3CX Debian), with 6 GGB of Memory, and 6 Virtual CPU´s.
We have succeeded in pulling 264.935 calls for 6 months from this server for this report:
We start the Report, by asking for all Agent Calls for a period of 6 months, and we want this report to be shown by hours each day.
We do send this request to the Integration, for the Integration to pull the calls from the 3CX Server:
For this server with 6 GGB of Memory, and 6 Virtual CPU´s, we use 60% CPU, collecting data for about 10 seconds, and the Integration use 30% CPU for another approx 10 seconds to send the data.

The data is transferred to your Browser, and now your Browser starts working to set up the report nicely in your browser, first, you will see the total figures. 

Hereafter it will start sorting your data, eg in my example, to split the calls for each 60 Minutes pr. Day. Please note, this part does take Resources from your Local PC, and the time to generate, does depend on the number of calls, and the selections for your sorting of the calls in the report. 

It seems to be just about the same resources used if you are using Chrome or Edge, in our case approx 90% CPU to build the report, and over quite a long time, for this report with a total of 264.935 calls.

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