How to use our JEDWare Reporting tool

The Report menu is divided into three sub-menus; Daily Overview, Advanced Search, and Scheduled Tasks.

Daily Overview is used to get an overview of today’s call, both inbound and outbound. You can also change the date, to view your summary of any given date. 

Advanced Search is used to make more specific searches like Agents, Queues / IVR, groups, or free text search, which is very useful to find specific phone numbers and calls. In Advanced Search, you will find more detailed and in-depth reports.

In Scheduled Tasks, you are able to set up a Scheduled CSV report generation, and a Scheduled PDF Report. The CSV files can be located in a directory of your own choice, or sent by e-mail, and the PDF Reports can be sent by e-mail. You can choose the time of day, that the Scheduled CSV/PDF Reports should be generated as well. 

As a side note:

Common for all reports is that we ask your 3CX Server for each search to ensure the latest and most accurate data. Report data can be pulled after a call has finished, whereas Wallboard data are added as soon as a call comes into the queue. 

Another thing to note is that the Daily Overview report is “reset” at midnight, whereas you typically reset a wallboard eg. at 8 o’clock in the morning. Therefore you might not see that the figures match completely.

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