Report type: FREE SEARCH

This tool allows you to search for specific numbers and/or names with a free-text search.

This could be useful for you in multiple cases, first if you are a company invoicing by talk time perhaps a layer, you can have a list of your client´s phone numbers in a notepad, to be ready to copy into this tool once a month, to make sure you invoice all, or you could have situations where a specific customer calling earlier this week or last week. He tells you that he has called at least 27 times, been in the queue for hours, and still has not come through. Of course, this claim cannot be left to believers.

First, make sure you have selected Search in the top menu.

Type in the number(s) or part of the number, and/or name(s) you want to search for divided by a comma (the name if it is created in your 3CX phonebook) → set from and to date → Click on Advanced Settings, if you want to exclude some days from your search

after you have made your selections, click on Search. You will now be presented with a detailed report for the period called on this particular name(s) and/or number(s).😉

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