How to install JEDWare integration v5 on Debian

If JEDWare integration version 4.x is already installed, please refer to this guide:

How to upgrade your JEDWare integration from version 4.x to version 5.x

Step by step guide:

JEDWare integration version 5 supports 3CX v18.x and 3CX v20.x

Please follow the below 2 steps in order. You need to be signed in as root on your Debian server, and type the commands in your terminal window

1. Getting the JEDWare version 5.x Linux installer

Create and navigate to the installation folder in your terminal and download our installer

sudo mkdir /opt/JEDWareInstall
cd /opt/JEDWareInstall
sudo wget
sudo tar -zxf JEDWareInstaller


2. Installation of JEDWare integration

Type the following in terminal to start the installer

sudo ./LinuxInstaller

Type in your license key and wait for installation to finish

After installation is finished we have to restart Nginx and start the JEDWare integration

sudo systemctl restart nginx
sudo systemctl enable JEDWare
sudo systemctl start JEDWare

JEDWare is now installed. Wait 10 seconds and you can access it from the JEDWare App.

3. If Wallboards don’t show up correctly, restart the JEDWare Integration

For new systems or if something looks like a nonworking Wallboard:
Even as the start is part of the installation, we have seen it necessary to run the below stop/start as root after the installation has finished, to be sure that the wallboard settings are loaded correctly.

If you cannot see the wallboard data after creating a new wallboard please also follow the below to restart your JEDWare Integration service to make sure the data is correct.

Type the following in the terminal to restart the Integration

sudo systemctl stop JEDWare
sudo systemctl start JEDWare

When you stop the integration service, we empty out the settings stored in memory and all connections to wallboards.
When we start the Integration service we update our backend with the extension and queue information and we read and load the Wallboard settings again in your Integration.

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