How to update your JEDWare Integration

Most of our functionality is updated directly in our backend, however, from time to time we need to update the Integration on your 3CX Server, to add new or fix old functionality.

If your JEDWare integration is outdated, you will find our little Red Warning Bell at the top of

To update click on the Bell and the link to update.
During an update, your users will loose connection to their JEDWare Reports and Wallboard for a short period of time, we therefore recommend that you do the update outside normal office hours.
In very rare conditions, we are also using the Warning Bell, to warn you, eg to inform you about urgently needed updates in our backend.
 Please also note the changelog found here in our Change log, which for now is the same you as you will find in the APP. 

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Change Log

JEDWare Change Log The mentioned Build History / Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions, and fixes

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