JEDWare Requirements

We do have a few JEDWare Requirements

To install and run the JEDWare integration on your 3CX server you will need:
    • A 3CX Server running either Debian 9 or 10, Windows Server 2019+, or Windows 10 Pro.You can install JEDWare on Windows Server 2016 – However, there is an issue related to the .NET files. A workaround will be to install .Net Framework 4.8 Runtime before you install JEDWare. You will find the .NET 4.8 files here:
      Please note, that your 3CX Server has to restart after the .NET 4.8 installation.
    • Hardware, normally 3CX´s Hardware recommendations will be OK, however, if you have a lot of Agents in a lot of Queues, and you will be an extensive user of the reporting and not least Wallboards, we do recommend that you step up to the next hardware recommendation.

Besides the hardware you will need:

    • to install JEDWare on a server with a valid 3CX Pro or Enterprise license (3CX Hosted by 3CX is not supported)
    • a valid JEDWare license (get a free trial here)
    • a 3CX Version 18.x or 3CX Version 20.x
    • the 3CX Server must be running with a valid certificate – Self-signed is not accepted.
    • a stable and reliable uplink

Please also see the IP Addresses you will need to open here

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