3CX Support do not support 3. Part Applications

In fact, 3CX does not support any 3. part applications at all.

As you all might know, 3CX does not support a 3CX installation and if they find any 3. part software installed on the 3CX Server, this goes for JEDWare, as well for ALL other 3 Part software installed.

OK, what to do if you run into an issue, and need to contact 3CX Support for this problem?

Don´t create a support case just yet, if you have anything not supported on your 3CX server, this can be modified templates, a server where you use unsupported SIP Trunks, a server where you have installed some sort of 3-Part applications, including JEDWare. Don’t create the Support case right now, this will be a waste of your and 3CX Support´s time, as they might decline to help, due to their support agreement.

To help yourself, with a smooth support case, our recommendations will therefore be:

  1. Make sure to describe what isn’t working and that you can replicate the issue also after a restart of your server. (this actually solves 80% of our own support cases)
  2. Make a note about your JEDWare License key, to make it easy to get your JEDWare up and running again after the issue is solved.
  3. Remove all that isn’t supported by 3CX.
    • For 3CX installed on a Debian server, to remove the JEDWare Integration, please follow this guide for Linux installations.
    • For 3CX installed on a Windows Server, please go to the Control Panel, select “Add Remove Programs, and uninstall JEDWare.
  4. As the next step, make sure that your Log level in 3CX is set to Verbose mode.
  5. Restart your 3CX Server
  6. Replicate the issue (If the issue is gone just by uninstalling JEDWare, please don’t hesitate to create a ticket by sending us an e-mail at [email protected], and we will look into this ASAP.)
  7. OK, if the issue isn’t related to JEDWare, continue with the next steps.
  8. Generate a Support file from your 3CX Management Console
  9. Make the support case, and just as a little tip: think about that it is humans sitting at the 3CX support, so nice language and a good description will take your fare.
  10. Make sure to attach the Support file to the support case.
  11. Be patient, and we hope you will have a quick solution for your issue.

OK, now we expect that you had your issue resolved and you want to install the JEDWare Integration again to restore your Reports and Wallboards services.

Luckily this is an easy operation, you only need the JEDware License key, and you are up and running including your JEDWare setup within minutes

  • To install JEDWare again on a Debian installation see here 
  • To install JEDWare again on a Windows installation see here 
  • No matter what, please restart your 3CX Server after the JEDWare installation, so we make sure all services are started correctly.

Let us know if you find any missing points in this guide. Thank you.

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