3CX - CSV Report Generation for Excel or PowerBI

In Scheduled tasks, you are now able to set up automatic CSV generation and PDF Reports for your 3CX data.

The CSV files can be uploaded to a directory of your own choice, or you can e-mail the CSV file, both at a time that suits you the best. You can use these CSV files with your favorite reporting tools, such as Excel, Power-BI, or other tools.

The Scheduled CSV Reports can be created and either uploaded to a file share where your 3CX server has access, or sent by e-Mail at a time of your own choice.

Disclaimer, when you are using the Scheduled reports, you will add a workload to your 3CX Server as we have to pull and build the reports directly at your 3CX Server, so keep an eye on your 3CX Server resources, and schedule these reports outside the normal working hours.

To make sure that you receive the Reports in your e-mail, please add [email protected] to your safe senders.

You find the Scheduled Tasks from the menu: Reports -> Scheduled Task. Here you will see the menu headlines, CSV GENERATION and PDF GENERATION. 

This guideline will take you through CSV Reports step by step.

If you are looking for Scheduled PDF reports, please have a look here 

To continue to setup your CSV Reports, please click on the menu CSV GENERATION

In the top right, please click on the Create Button

-and select one of the report templates from the list

For a detailed explanation see our guidelines for each template below

We do offer templates for:

Report Overview
In the Report overview, you can disable or enable a report, you will find the name and the type, and the schedule. You are able to delete your report, and you can click Run now, to see if the report gives you the needed data right away.

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