How to add users to JEDWare

In JEDWare, you can create as many users as you want. Each user can be given a user role with customized accessibility. The user will receive an email upon creation to choose their own password.

To create a new user: 

  • Go to Admin Settings found in the sidebar menu.
  • Click on the USERS tab in the top menu.
  • Type the username (email) for your new user.
  • Choose a role for your new user from the dropdown list. Please notice, the Admin role will give you full access.
  • Finish by clicking Create.

The user will receive an automated email from our system, with a link directing to a unique landing page. On this page, the user can finish their user registration by choosing a personal password. The email they will receive looks like this:

Pending user creation can be found in the box placed below the user creation box. You can resend them a new email if the first one got lost, or delete a user that was created by mistake, and newer signed up.

Please remember to check your spam folders – Additionally, you can allow [email protected] / [email protected] to your whitelisted contacts, to newer miss an email from us.

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