Visible Queues in JEDWare

How to hide visible Queues and IVR´s in JEDWare

First, go to Admin Settings → GENERAL in the top menu.

Like your extensions, we know your 3CX installations might use dummy queues to test different scenarios in 3CX. Some of the queues might not necessarily have data that you want to appear in the reports or wallboards. You can choose which queues you want visible. Simply tick the queues you want to appear in the JEDWare system.

  • Go to Admin Settings in the sidebar menu

  • Make sure you have selected the view GENERAL

  • Simply tick the button next to an extension to enable or disable this user from the system (You can also select all – or deselect all – but do not deselect all, as you then won’t have any Queues and IVR´s to measure :-))

  • Remember to Click Save

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