Wallboard Layout 8 – Inbound Call Center Wallboard

Wallboard Layout 8 – Inbound Call Center Wallboard About Wallboard Layout 8 Wallboard Layout 8 displays inbound statistics for both the agents and queues The wallboard is an excellent monitoring tool for incoming call center team leaders and agents. The wallboard includes sorting options on the majority of table rows, resulting in a dynamic experience […]

Enable SLA Sound Alerts

Enable SLA Sound Alerts on the Dashboard In JEDWare you can enable SLA sound alerts for each queue on your wallboard. The SLA sound alert will warn you when you are close to breaching SLA. To enable this feature, please go to Wallboard → Settings → Choose wallboard → Queues → Click on the queue you want to add SLA […]

NEWS, 2023-06 June – NEW Webpage

JED-News, 2023-06, June – New Website June 2023 We are pleased to announce a completely new website for jed-ware.com We hope you will enjoy all the info on this site, including the possibilities to search in our Knowledge base. Please note, that the user page, pricing and our Partner Request pages are moved to https://customers.jed-ware.com     Find more […]

NEWS, 2023-01 Januray – CSV Data export

JED-News, CSV data export for eg. PowerBI and other 2023-01, January  Some need CSV data export for eg. PowerBI, and other reporting tools, now it is here. From each manually created Report, you will be able to click on a CSV Export Button, and from now, you will also be able to create your CSV […]

NEWS, 2023-04 April – Queue CallBack and more

JED-News, Scheduled Reports, Agent Performance and more… JEDWare NEWS April 2023 Scheduled Reports,  Agent Performance on Queues,  Updates to Wallboard 2 and Wallboard 8,  Queue CAllBack Reports JEDView  Lots of news for this latest release, Besides the backend work, we also want to make your experience with JEDWare even better and we would therefore love to […]

NEWS, 2022-12 December, Use Agent-specific data

JEDWare NEWS – Use Agent-specific data December 2022 New REPORT setting in Admin Settings -> GENERAL Use Agent-specific data.   When you run your Agent reports with the Agent-Specific data selected, you will only see the Agents real call time data in the reports.  Selecting the Agent Specific Data, the report only counts the duration of time […]

JEDWare Queue Watcher

JEDWare Queue Watcher The Queue Watcher is useful when you have a queue, where suddenly no one is logged in, and you want to keep the calls in the queue.As soon the Queue has no agents logged in, then the Queue Watcher will immediately log in as “backup”. When an agent logs in to the […]

JEDWare philosophy for our 3CX reporting

JEDWare philosophy for our 3CX reporting. 3CX has built-in reporting, that suits many 3CX customers, but not all. Therefore we made the JEDWare Reporting tool for 3CX.  JEDWare is made and maintained with the best effort by our own developers located in Denmark by using the raw call data offered by 3CX e.g. by the […]

How to use Reports

How to use our JEDWare Reporting tool The Report menu is divided into three sub-menus; Daily Overview, Advanced Search, and Scheduled Tasks. Daily Overview is used to get an overview of today’s call, both inbound and outbound. You can also change the date, to view your summary of any given date.  Advanced Search is used […]