Wallboard Layout 8 - Inbound Call Center Wallboard

About Wallboard Layout 8

Wallboard Layout 8 displays inbound statistics for both the agents and queues

The wallboard is an excellent monitoring tool for incoming call center team leaders and agents. The wallboard includes sorting options on the majority of table rows, resulting in a dynamic experience wherein the agents/queue change position based on their data.

This wallboard can show up to 25 separate queues and their agent’s individual call statistics at the same time. The wallboard view is determined by the number of queues added to the wallboard. You will be able to scroll in both the queue list and the extension list.

The wallboard is also available in dark-mode

Explanation of wallboard measurements

Queue calls are the aggregate of all calls made to the queues, that has been chosen to be shown on the wallboard.

Example: Queue 800 has 20 queue calls, Queue 801 has 100 queue calls, and Queue 802 has 50 Queue calls. In this instance, the number 170 will be displayed.

Answered queue calls displays the number of answered queue calls.

Servicelevel for all queues is the servicelevel combined for all queues.

The servicelevel calculation is: Answered / (Calls – Lost U 30) * 100

Waiting in queue is the amount of people/customers currently waiting in all queues combined.

Agents logged in is the amount of agents currently registered combined for all Extensions.

Agents Idle is the amount of agents with the available status.

Column explanation

Ext – Displays each agent’s extension number.

Name – Displays the agent’s name.

Status – Displays the agent’s current status. Available, busy, dialling, ringing, DND, or one of two custom statuses are all options.

Connected with – Displays the phone number to which the agent is connected if he or she is connected.

Time in call – This displays the amount of time the agent has spent on a call, beginning with the moment the recipient answers the phone.

Calls – This metric displays the total number of successful inbound calls. When a call is answered, it is considered successful and valid. Outbound calls will have no effect on this value.

Average talk – This metric displays the agent’s average talking time. Only successful Inbound calls are counted.

Total talk – The entire time the agent has been in an active inbound call.

Wallboard settings

Select queues to appear on the wallboard

Please navigate to the Queues tab in your Wallboard settings to pick the Queues which will display on the wallboard. Pick the queues in the dropdown you want to see on the wallboard and remember to hit Save.

Hide offline agents

Layout 8 allows you to hide offline agents when configuring your wallboard. If you do not hide them, they will be displayed at the bottom of the table. To hide offline agents, check the option in the  Wallboard 8 Settings

Sort agents by column

Agents can be sorted by the following columns: ExtNameStatus and Inbound calls. You select the measure for which you wish to sort your wallboard table by clicking the dropdown in Wallboard Settings.

Sort queues by column

Queues can have a standard sorting, and you can set this here.

Queues can be sorted by the following columns: Name, Waiting in Queue, Total Calls, ect. You select the measure for which you wish to sort your wallboard table by clicking the “Sort Queue by” dropdown in Wallboard Settings.

Agent Status update time

Agent Status update time (milliseconds). For some installations, you might need to extend the time for updates from the standard 300 ms. This is typically needed if you have lots of Queues, and lots of Agents in those queues, and your 3CX server doesn’t have that many resources, in this case, we recommend trying to change the time to 5000 ms, to see how it goes (Have a look at the 3CX Management to see CPU Resources.) 

Please remember to click save when you have made any changes in the settings. 

Lost Under / Over 

For inbound CallCenters, it is important to have service levels.

We use the lost Under / Over figures to calculate our Service Level. As a standard, we calculate by 30 sec. You can change this value to any value you like.

We are calculating our service level by the below formula.

Answered / (Calls – Lost calls U xx sec.) * 100

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