Wallboard Layout 5 – Outbound Wallboard

Wallboard Layout 5 displays outbound statistics for up to 50 agents at a time. 

Tip: If you have more than 50 Agents doing outbound calls, you can create several Wallboards with up to 50 Agents on each Wallboard.

About Wallboard Layout 5

The wallboard is an excellent monitoring tool for outgoing call centre team leaders and agents. The wallboard includes sorting options on the majority of table rows, resulting in a dynamic experience wherein the agents change position based on their data.

This wallboard can show up to 50 separate agents and their individual outgoing call statistics at the same time. The wallboard view is determined by the number of agents added to the wallboard. You will have a full-width display if you add no more than 25 agents. When fewer agents is added, the height of the table rows adjusts, resulting in better visibility from a distance.

If you add more than 25 agents, the wallboard will automatically divide into two boxes, allowing you to see a total of 50 agents on the wallboard. Please examine the screenshots attached below.

It is possible to add more than 50 agents, but you can only see the top 50 agents with the highest value of which column you sort by. 

Explanation of wallboard measurements

Total Outbound is the aggregate of all outbound calls made by each agent that has been chosen to be shown on the wallboard.

Example: Extension 205 has 200 outgoing calls, Extension 206 has 100 outgoing calls, and Extension 207 has 50 outgoing calls. In this instance, the number 350 will be displayed.

Talking Right Now displays the number of agents who are currently on a call as displayed on the wallboard. Outbound calls are the only ones that have an impact on the number. Internal and inbound calls do not contribute to this measure.

Average Talk Time shows the average length of each call connected to an agent. This measure is only influenced when the agent makes an outgoing call and the call is answered on the receiver’s end. The formula is; total seconds talked/total number of answered calls.

Example: Extension 205 had 4 outbound calls totalling 8:07 minutes of talk time. Extension 206 had 3 outbound calls totalling 6:34 minutes of talk time.
In this scenario, (487 + 394) / 7 = 125 seconds = 2 minutes, 5 seconds. 

Average Wait Time is a great metric for call centre managers to use to see how long it takes the agents from calling the prospect to connecting with the prospect. In other words, the waiting time is the total amount of time an agent has been dialling. A statistic that can be used to assess lead quality. The measurement formula is; Total seconds dialled/total number of answered calls.

Example: Extension 205 had 4 outbound calls with a total waiting time of 6:54 minutes. Extension 206 had 3 outbound calls totalling 2:41 minutes of dialling time.
In this scenario, (414 + 161) / 7 = 82 seconds = 1 minutes, 22 seconds.  

Column explanation

Ext – Displays each agent’s extension number.

Name – Displays the agent’s name.

Status – Displays the agent’s current status. Available, busy, dialling, ringing, DND, or one of two custom statuses are all options.

Connected with – Displays the phone number to which the agent is connected if he or she is connected.

Time in call – This displays the amount of time the agent has spent on a call, beginning with the moment the recipient answers the phone.

Outbound calls – This metric displays the total number of successful outbound calls. When a call is answered, it is considered successful and valid. Internal and inbound calls will have no effect on this value.

Average talk – This metric displays the agent’s average talking time. Only successful outbound calls are counted.

Total talk – The entire time the agent has been in an active outbound call.

Wallboard settings

Select agents to appear on the wallboard

Please navigate to the Agents tab in your Wallboard settings to pick the agents who will display on the wallboard. Tick the agents you want to see on the wallboard and remember to hit Save.

Hide offline agents

Layout 5 allows you to hide offline agents when configuring your wallboard. If you do not hide them, they will be displayed at the bottom of the table. To hide offline agents, check the option in the  Wallboard 5 Settings.

Sort agents by:

Agents can be sorted by the following columns: ExtNameStatusOutbound callsAverage talk, and Total talk. You select the measure for which you wish to sort your wallboard table by clicking the dropdown in Wallboard 5 Settings.

Exclude calls shorter than

To acquire the most accurate data, you can exclude outbound calls that are less than X seconds long. You can exclude calls from your statistics to obtain more accurate information, both by agent and overall.

The reason for this is that when an agent connects with a voicemail, fax, or other unrelated receivers, it is classified as an outgoing call in 3CX, which adds to the total statistics. This leads to incorrect data for, e.g. call centre managers, because it affects metrics such as waiting time and talking time.

By excluding calls that are less than, say, 10 seconds long, agents on the wallboard have the option of letting the wallboard exclude the call by hanging up before the call length reaches 10 seconds.

To use this feature, tick the box and enter the number of seconds you want to exclude from the wallboard.

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