Wallboard Layout 4 - Multiple Queue - NO extension Wallboard

Wallboard layout 4. This wallboard will display the statistics of your chosen queues, without showing any agents. The wallboard is very useful when it comes to the percentage of calls answered for each queue, or the amount of times the SLA has been breached. 

If you have lots of wallboards, you can use this wallboard to check if there are queues with no agents signed in, as it will show the row as red when no one is logged into the queue😉

There aren’t really any special settings for this wallboard, besides the Agent status Update timer.

  1. Agent Status update time (milliseconds). For some installations, you might need to extend the time for updates from the standard 300 ms. This is typically needed if you have lots of Queues, and lots of Agents in those queues, and your 3CX server doesn’t have that many resources, in this case, we recommend trying to change the time to 5000 ms, to see how it goes (Have a look at the 3CX Management to see CPU Ressources.)

    Please remember to click save when you have made any changes in the settings. 

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