Wallboard Layout 7 - Traditional Wallboard, with e-Mail function

About Wallboard Layout 7

Wallboard Layout 7 is JEDWare’s version of the traditional 3CX Switchboard, and very useful for eg. a receptionist. 

On this wallboard, you are able to see all active calls, from the extensions you have chosen. Both inbound and outbound. You are also able to see which queue the incoming call has been answered in.

NOTE: The Wallboard will be reset if you refresh the page by eg <F5>

You can add as many extensions as you would like, as you will be able to scroll on the wallboard when you have more than 25 active calls displaying. 

The wallboard is also available in dark-mode

At the top of the wallboard, you will see active calls.

At the bottom, you will see the latest calls.

Equal for both, is your ability to click on the email button, to ease sending a phone message to a colleague. 

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