How to create a wallboard

Introduction to easily create Wallboards for your 3CX with JEDWare

Get started with JEDWare Wallboards. This guide will take you through all the necessary steps, for you to create and get the most out of our custom wallboards. Please follow the guide chronological to get the most out of your wallboard.

We will walk you through:

Or simply check out our video tutorial:

Create a new wallboard

To create a new wallboard, please go to Wallboard → Settings 

Give your new wallboard a name

Type in a name for your new wallboard and click Create

Custom message on wallboard layout 1

If you choose wallboard layout 1, you can choose to display a customized message on your wallboard. To add this message:

  • Type the message you want to display on your wallboard. This is only for Layout 1. 
  • Click Save on the grey button.

Choose your wallboard layout

You have the option to choose between eight different layouts. All eight layouts are customizable, but some include features that others do not. You can learn more about each wallboard in the JEDWare Wallboards section in Documentation.

  • Pick one of the eight designs. 
  • When the wallboard layout you have chosen is highlighted, MAKE SURE TO CLICK Save.

Wallboard Settings

In Wallboard Settings, you have the option to customize rules for your wallboard. E.g. choose the sorting and how your agents will display on your wallboard. 

  • In Wallboard Settings, you have multiple options, please note they differ from each wallboard layout.
  • IMPORTANT, Remember to click Save after your selections.

Choose agents to hide on your wallboard

You can choose to hide specific agents or extensions on your wallboard. This can be useful if you e.g. have “dummy extensions”, a SIP strobe light, or just want to exclude specific agents due to company policies.

  • Pick agents that you want to hide on this wallboard. In this case, extensions 000, 204, 208, 209, and 210 will not be shown on the wallboard.
  • IMPORTANT Remember to click Save, after your selections

NOTE: We do not recommend hiding real agents, as this will make it harder to look through wallboard errors, e.g. I know an agent is a part of a queue, but he is not listed on the wallboard, and then our support is going to help you troubleshoot, but as we cannot see your setup on your 3CX Server, it will be time-consuming ping pong – so please hide as few as possible.

Wallboard daily reset time

In this dialogue box, you can set the daily reset time. If you e.g. choose 07:00:00, your wallboard will reset its data every day at 7 AM. Please note the time is per 24h; hh:mm:ss. 

  • Type in the time you want your wallboard to reset its statistics. 
  • Remember to click Save.

NEWS From June 2023

You can now select the Reset time to be Weekly (and you can choose the Day in the week and the time for the reset. You can also choose Monthly reset, this will trigger the reset on the 1. in each month at the time you set here.

Last setting for now is the manually triggerd Wallboard Reset

You might have made changes during the day, and you don’t think the wallboard look and feels like you expect. In this case, you can trigger a manual reset of the wallboard. We will hereby empty the wallboard settings from our integration, and recreate the settings. Please note that a reset can cause you to lose data from earlier in the day, but the wallboard will start counting correctly after the nightly system reset.

Add Queue(s) to the wallboard

Now you have to choose which queues you want to display on your wallboard. E.g. If your wallboard is for Sales & Support, you might want to choose the queues (813 Sales) and (800 Support).

  • First, make sure you have selected the Queues section on the top menu.
  • Click on Add queue.
  • Select the queue(s) you want to display on this wallboard.
    • Please note, some layouts only support 1 single queue, eg. Layout 1.
    • For more in depth of each Wallboard Layouts please have a look here
  • Press OK to save.
  • You can drag the queues up and down to change the order on the wallboard.

When you add the queues, you will be able to select several Queues at the same time (and you will see which Queues has already been selected – as you cannot select these again). Please note some of the layouts only support one or a few queues.

Open settings for each queue

If you click on your added queue, it will open up the queue settings. In the queue settings, you will find some powerful tools, for example, to change the SLA for each queue.

  • Click on a queue in the Queue Sort window. In this case, I have clicked on my queue; Sales. 
  • The queue settings for Sales will now open in a window to the right. 
  • Make the changes you want to add to your queue.
  • Remember to click Save.

Tracking of inbound and outbound calls

Wallboards are basically made for Queues. However, we added the possibility to track the total Inbound and outbound calls from your Agents, for some of our wallboards. Inbound and outbound Tracker is supported on Wallboard Layout 1, Layout 2. & Layout 4.
  • Click Inbound/Outbound on the top menu.
  • Choose whether or not you want the wallboard to show in and outbound calls for agents in queues.
  • If enabled, we will place a tracker on your wallboard (if supported)
  • Remember to click Save.

Extensions to track Outbound calls from

The outbound tracker is adding all the outbound calls together, using the outbound calls from your selected extensions to track. 

  • Tick or untick the extensions you want to include in your outbound tracker.

  • Remember to click Save when you are done.

Custom agent status settings

You can customize your own agent statuses. You can rename each 3CX agent status and also choose between 32 different icons to attach to the status.

  • Click Icons on the top menu.
  • Click on an icon to change the icon that will be shown on the wallboard.
  • You can rename the custom status to match your 3CX settings
  • Remember to click Save.

Please notice: You will have to pick the icon first before you rename the status name. This is a known error and will be patched.

Congratulations on setting up your first wallboard! We would to see it on a big monitor. Maybe on LinkedIn with #JEDWare

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