Change Log

JEDWare Change Log The mentioned Build History / Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions, and fixes may not be listed. JEDWare is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release. Please NOTE: Before you upgrade your 3CX Server to Version 18 Update 8 final or to […]

Get Started with JEDWare

Thank you for selecting JEDWare, we sincerely hope you will benefit from our 3CX Add-on in your daily business. How to get started with JEDWare:  Get your free trial Key from here  Install the JEDWare Integration on your 3CX Server, for instructions on how to install it on Debian look here, and for Windows look here Please […]

User roles

User Roles We updated the user role behavior to enable admins to control more complicated user role settings. You may now choose which features, wallboards, and extensions individual users have access to. Each user is assigned a user role. Each user role has a customizable list of features to which they have access. Users with the […]

How to add users to JEDWare

How to add users to JEDWare In JEDWare, you can create as many users as you want. Each user can be given a user role with customized accessibility. The user will receive an email upon creation to choose their own password. To create a new user:  Go to Admin Settings found in the sidebar menu. Click on […]

Change time zone

Change time zone How to change your time zone in JEDWare From JEDWare Version 4.2.0 we have included the possibility of changing the time zone. This means your time in for example Reports will show the time of your chosen time zone. The time zone setting is only affected by the user that is logged in. How […]

Switch to dark mode

Switch to dark mode Now you can switch to dark mode on our JEDWare App From JEDWare App version 4.1.5 we have introduced dark mode.  To enable dark mode, click on your username in the top right corner → click on the toggle-button. To go back to light mode, simply click the toggle button again.  Find […]

Visible extensions in JEDWare

Visible extensions in JEDWare How to hide, visible extensions in JEDWare First, go to Admin Settings → General in the top menu. We know your 3CX installations might use dummy extensions to sort out different kinds of challenges in 3CX. Some of those extensions might not necessarily include data that you want to appear in the reports or wallboards. […]

Visible Queues in JEDWare

Visible Queues in JEDWare How to hide visible Queues and IVR´s in JEDWare First, go to Admin Settings → GENERAL in the top menu. Like your extensions, we know your 3CX installations might use dummy queues to test different scenarios in 3CX. Some of the queues might not necessarily have data that you want to appear in the reports […]

Block settings

Block settings Here you can specify whether the block timer is fixed or not. If you enable this to be fixed, you can choose a specific duration of time here. This Block Number feature has been made for companies receiving lots of inbound calls, e.g. emergency call centers, to be able to block spam calls […]