3CX Support do not support 3. Part applications

3CX Support do not support 3. Part Applications In fact, 3CX does not support any 3. part applications at all. As you all might know, 3CX does not support a 3CX installation and if they find any 3. part software installed on the 3CX Server, this goes for JEDWare, as well for ALL other 3 […]

Which IP’s and ports are JEDWare using

Which IP´s and ports are JEDWare using? The JEDWare Integration is reusing the 3CX´s Nginx configuration. This means,  -if your 3CX is running on HTTPS port 443, the JEDWare integration will be using the same port 443 and  – if you are using HTTPS port 5001, the JEDWare integration will be using port 5001 To […]

JEDWare is disconnected after a 3CX Update

JEDWare is disconnected after a 3CX Update What to do if JEDWare states it is Disconnected If the JEDWare integration doesn’t come up after you have updated your 3CX Server with a service pack, this is normal, as our connections will die during the 3CX update. A simple solution is to restart the JEDWare integration, […]

Why is my JEDWare Integration status – No connection

Why is my JEDWare Integration status: No connection? POSSIBLE CAUSES FOR THE INTEGRATION STOPPAGE: Certificate issues (expired, untrusted, self-signed) The 3CX server has shut down There have been made changes to your firewall The JEDWare service has been stopped HOW TO FIX IT Fortunately, you should be able to resolve this issue easily, simply by […]

JEDWare Support Procedure

JEDWare Support Procedure Support procedure. If the issue occurred after installing a new system, please have a look at our FAQ. For questions in regard to how JEDWare works, please run through our Documentation pages. Problems occurred after you have been running JEDWare for a while, follow the below guideline. If you are JEDWare partner, […]

Wallboards don’t show up correctly

Wallboards don’t show up correctly If one or several of your Wallboards don’t show up correctly. For new systems or if something looks like a non-working Wallboard Even as the start is part of the installation, we have seen it necessary to run the below stop/start as root after the installation has finished, to be […]

How to export a JEDWare Report

How to export a JEDWare Report Some need CSV data export for eg. PowerBI, and other reporting tools, -or you might just need data to your Excel sheet. From each manually created Report, you will be able to click on a CSV Export Button, you can select between 2 formats, one where the date format is […]

What data is stored in the cloud?

Which of your 3CX data do we store in the cloud?   Data Used to Cloud Why? Extension names Used to generate reports, wallboards, and user rights. Yes We store this to avoid pulling a huge amount of numbers at every request. Extension email We do not use this. No It is currently not in […]

Which 3CX versions are supported

Which 3CX versions are supported? We do run a test on JEDWare, each time 3CX Release a new version, no matter if it is an alpha, beta, or release candidate to be sure that we can integrate with these new versions. JEDWare integration has been tested and is currently supported by JEDWare on the below […]

Does JEDWare support 3CX Failover installations

Does JEDWare support 3CX Failover installations?   JEDWare does support being installed on a 3CX Enterprise license, however, you can only install it on the Primary server. Please do NOT install JEDWare integration on the standby host Find more FAQ posts below